Mr. Thompson lives in Baltimore City with his family. In December of 2020, Ms. Thompson noticed that his boiler was no longer working. Without heat, he and his family had to keep themselves warm in winter using only space heaters. “We didn’t have a choice,” he said. He was referred to Civic Works Energy Programs by his daughter, who was a previous client.

As Mr. Thompson was a no-heat emergency client, Civic Works was able to expedite his work scope. Mr. Thompson’s Energy Advisor guided him through the process and ensured that his case was immediately flagged as a priority. She answered any questions he had, explained the process of fixing his water boiler, and acted as his advocate. “Ms. Quandra was really helpful,” Mr. Thompson said. “She did a fantastic job for me.” 

Within 72 hours of confirming his case, Civic Works had sent installers and technicians to repair Mr. Thompson’s heating system. Civic Works completed major repairs for Mr. Thompson’s steam boiler, as well as an overdue overall servicing and cleaning of the interior to improve the boiler’s energy efficiency. Civic Works also used this opportunity to provide Mr. Thompson and his family with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency services. In addition to fixing his heater, Civic works also performed minor repairs to the hot water heater, installed hand bars in the bathroom, repaired his leaking roof. Furthermore, Civic Works provided Mr. Thompson with LED lightbulbs, one faucet aerator, one smart power strip, and mastic duct sealing for increased insulation. “Whatever damage was there in the house, they fixed right up,” he said. “And it was all free.”

Mr. Thompson immediately felt a difference in his house. “I had heating back, obviously. But I didn’t have to worry about the roof leaking either. The house is comfortable, and I can be in my bed without covers. It’s made a great big difference.”

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