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The Howard County Office of Community Sustainability has joined forces with Civic Works, a nonprofit organization committed to helping homeowners and renters in Howard County save energy. Together, we’ve established an initiative aimed at helping Howard County residents go solar and upgrade their energy efficiency. 

Through this partnership, Howard County residents can take advantage of complimentary or subsidized energy programs.

These offerings include comprehensive whole-home energy audits, in-depth weatherization enhancements, personalized rooftop solar installations, opportunities for community solar subscriptions, guidance on transitioning from fossil-fuel-based appliances and HVAC systems to electric alternatives, information on accessing relevant rebates, technical support, and practical tips for conserving energy through various straightforward measures.

Solar Co-op
Video Testimonial
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Howard County
Solar Info Session Recording
(From March 20, 2024)

Howard County Solar Info Session - June 25, 2024
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