Home Energy Upgrades


When it comes to the energy efficiency of your home, no one is comfortable losing warm air in the winter, cool air in the summer, and hard-earned money all year long.

That is why now is the time to analyze your whole-home for comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades and take advantage of Civic Works deeper weatherization programs.  

How It Works

Your personal Energy Advisor is poised and ready to answer your questions, identify your eligibility for grants and rebates, and guide you through every step of the retrofit process.

What you get:
  • Grants and Rebates – Civic Works is a one-stop shop for FREE and reduced-cost home energy efficiency upgrade programs
  • a Civic Works personal energy advisor – provides trusted information, identifies your eligibility for various grants and rebates, and guides you through each step of the retrofit process, and advocates on your behalf
  • A Vetted and Screened Contractor – the best in the Baltimore region, with certified professionals and socially responsible values.
  • A Commitment to Quality – continually monitored through customer feedback and quality control tests.
  • Positive Community and Environmental Impact – reduce carbon emissions and support local businesses investing in their workers and local communities.
First, you complete a home energy assessment performed by a certified building analyst pre-screened and vetted by Civic Works. If you choose to proceed, your contractor will then complete the home improvements recommended in the assessment report to increase your home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality.  Sign up below and select “Yes, I want my whole-home evaluated for energy efficiency upgrades” to find out your eligibility for grants or rebates and get started.  Most clients are eligible for FREE services.  Otherwise, rebates cover at least 30-70% of the cost.


    Civic Works is to making it easy and affordable for you to improve the energy efficiency of your home, so you and your family can enjoy the following benefits:

    • Comfort: reducing drafts; reducing variations in temperatures between rooms and floors.
    • Savings: drastically lowering utility bills by ~18% on average
    • Health: improving ventilation and indoor air quality; mitigating hazards and carbon monoxide leaks.
    • Satisfaction: helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions; creating equitable green jobs for graduates of Civic Works job training program
      Esie Cheng 2022 (@civic_works_energy_programs)