Baltimore Shines

What is Baltimore Shines?

Baltimore Shines is a collaborative program between Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development and Civic Works. Baltimore Shines’ goals are to:

  • Provide access to rooftop solar PV installations for low- and moderate-income Baltimore City residents
  • Create family-sustaining careers through solar job training and job placement opportunities.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Lower your Utility Bill: Save up to 25% or more on your monthly electric bill
  • Increase Home Value: Homes with solar increase their home value by 2%.
  • Fight Climate Change: Reduce your carbon footprint to fight climate change.
Esie Cheng 2022 (@civic_works_energy_programs)

Baltimore Shines Pilot Project

We have launched a pilot project where up to 20 homes in Baltimore City will receive free rooftop solar for their homes this year.

 Baltimore Shines is accepting applications today.  All applications will automatically be reviewed for eligibility for the limited Pilot Project (launching in 2022) and for the permanent Baltimore Shines Program (launching in 2023).  Complete the form below to be added to the top of the waitlist. 

*** Baltimore Shines is only for Baltimore City Residents ***