Baltimore Shines RFP

Baltimore Shines is a collaborative program between Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development and Civic Works.

The Baltimore Shines’ goals are the following:

  • Baltimore Shines Pilot 2022: up to 20 solar installs on homes (pitched / flat roofs) in Baltimore City
  • Baltimore Shines 2023 – 2024: up to 200+ solar installs on homes (pitched / flat roofs) in Baltimore City
  • Generate qualified leads for the Approved Solar Installer to increase sales revenue
  • Provide Baltimore City residents with access to solar employment and training opportunities
  • Offer competitive wages that lead to a lasting career-track and high-quality labor

To reach these goals, Civic Works is now accepting bids for the RFP to solicit proposals from solar companies interested in being selected as an Approved Solar Installer.

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