Free Induction Stoves

Free Induction Stoves

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Gas Stoves: Bad For Your Health and Our Planet

Gas stoves emit toxic gasses that can cause asthma and other respiratory issues–these emissions also contribute to global warming.

Induction Stoves: The Benefits

Ease of Cooking & Cleaning

  1. Induction stoves are a joy to cook with. They boil water fast and temperature is precisely and instantly controlled.
  2. Induction stoves are easy-to-clean. They are flat cooktops that stay cool.

Health & Safety:

    1. Gas stoves are harmful to your health. They release carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other pollutants.
    2. There is no risk of getting burned with an induction stove. The burners don’t get hot (only the pot or pan does!)

    Energy Savings:

    1. Induction stoves are 3x more efficient than gas stoves. Saving energy saves you money.
    2. Induction stoves reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. They don’t release CO2 or methane.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An induction stove creates heat through magnetism by sending magnetic energy directly into the cookware.

    We’ll provide you with a brand new, free set of compatible cookware. Most stainless steel and all cast iron cookware is compatible. Check your pans by holding a magnet to the bottom: if it sticks, it’s compatible.

    The precision temperature control, even cooking and speed of induction stoves will actually enhance your cooking–there’s a reason they’re the stove of choice in restaurants across Europe!

    First, Civic Works will conduct an energy audit of your home. Then a general contractor will visit your home to determine the work scope. Additional site visits may then be required by electricians and/or plumbers. Ultimately, your old gas stove will be removed, a brand new induction range will be installed, and you’ll be provided with a brand new set of compatible cookware. You’ll also receive a monetary stipend for your participation!


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    “I love to cook, but I hate cooking on a traditional electric stove or even a regular flat-top stove because I don’t have the control over the heat like I have with a gas stove and sometimes end up burning things. I decided to try an induction stove a few years ago, and I love it. Since the pan is the source of the heat, rather than being heated indirectly by the burner, I have even more control than with a gas stove. Also, all of the heat goes into cooking the food so the kitchen doesn’t get as hot as with a gas stove. I love cooking with cast iron, and that is the best cookware for an induction stove. I had to get some new pots and pans, but it was definitely worth it. I’m saving money, helping the environment, and cooking better. I will never go back.”
    Thomas Price
    Former Construction Project Supervisor
    Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development
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    “We've used an induction stove everyday for the past 8 years and could not be happier. You can boil water for pasta in a fraction of the time of a gas or electric stove, you can control the heat way better, and cleaning up is a breeze - no burners to scrub around. We would never go back to any other kind of stove!”
    Johns Hopkins
    Executive Director
    Baltimore Heritage

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