Bmore Renewable

In Maryland, 89% of our energy comes from non-renewable, polluting sources like coal, gas and nuclear energy. Baltimore’s trash incinerator is considered to be clean energy even though it pollutes our community.

Only 20% of Americans can use rooftop solar panels, but EVERYONE deserves access to clean energy. Participating in the Community Solar State Program is the most accessible and affordable (free) way to support the clean energy transition.

Anyone who pays an electricity bill can sign up to get their own dedicated share of the energy generated by a solar farm each month, leading to discounted energy costs and less demand for fossil fuels. Green your part of the grid and get a discount every month.

There are NO homeownership or location requirements for community solar, so renters can sign up too! Get solar with NO rooftop panels, NO installations, NO sign-up or cancellation fees, and no change to your utility provider.

Civic Works has partnered with Neighborhood Sun to spread the word about how you can save with community solar. Any BGE customer who pays an electric bill can get discounted solar energy without installations, fees or costs.

When you sign up to a solar farm using Civic Works’ link:
Neighborhood Sun will give a $100 donation to them and a $50 bonus (valid until November 30, 2022) to the subscriber.

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