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We Want You! – To Volunteer!

This blog entry is for you. You, the impassioned citizen who cares about the long-term sustainability of Baltimore’s economy. Not just its monetary economy— but it’s social economy, also. Retrofit Baltimore is in it for the long haul, and we’re setting out to prove it. With the summer setting in and the longest day of the year still ahead of us, we’re capitalizing on the beautiful weather to find more hours to spread the word about the multiple benefits of signing up for a retrofit through Retrofit Baltimore. That’s why we want you! – to join us as a volunteer!

Whether you have a personal investment in Baltimore and its communities, or have personal principles of ending environmental degradation, or are looking for a productive and worthwhile way to spend your spare time, we’re looking for you! We’re actualizing our values each night that we canvass, or host a community Energy Meeting. We’re finding more and more people in the community who subscribe to the same principles of social equality by making sure that the building performance industry provides equal opportunities for all of Baltimore’s citizens. With each retrofitted home signed up through Retrofit Baltimore, we’re not only improving the industry standards in the building performance industry—we’re also giving bright futures to individuals and families with barriers to achieving the real American Dream.

This blog entry is for you to consider donating your time to Retrofit Baltimore. Whether it is through volunteering on a canvass or helping us to spread the message to your friends, every second spent is an investment in Baltimore. We’re always happy to meet people in Baltimore and the surrounding communities who are ready to help. There’s some truth to the cliché, “Every little bit counts.” Truly, we appreciate your support and commitment to Baltimore and its citizens.

With that, thank you to our current volunteers and our community contacts. Every second of volunteering helps to make Baltimore the city we know it can be. I won’t use any names for privacy’s sake, but you know who you are. Thank you!

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