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The Huber Family

Team Retrofit was graciously invited to speak at the Huber Memorial United Methodist Church yesterday for their Sunday morning services. As I entered the first service, I was immediately touched by the congregants’ warmth and inclusive spirit. I was flooded with handshakes, smiles, energizing music, and Pastor Smith’s inspiring sermon. It was clear from the first moments that we were not an outside group in an ordinary church, but welcomed guests in the Huber family’s loving home. After the services, we engaged in hundreds of conversations with Huber congregants about the benefits of home energy efficiency.

I want to extend a special thanks to Pastor Smith for endorsing our mission and allowing Eli Allen, to speak about the benefits of retrofitting during the two Sunday services. I look forward to continue developing relationships with the wonderful folks that I met yesterday.

In the coming days we will be scheduling assessments for the Huber congregants’ homes and, as always, working our hardest to improve Baltimore: one home at a time.

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