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Preparing for Winter

As the weather continues to get colder, one of the first places we really feel this is in our own homes. I have talked to many Baltimoreans who have complained about having leaky homes. I realize the drafty home is a common thing in Baltimore. I grew up in a 100 year old home in Hamilton, where you could actually feel gusts of air while sitting in the living room on a windy day. During the summer, I had to sleep on the floor of my mother’s room because my attic bedroom became a sweatbox. During the winter, we would turn on the heat, but the money we were paying to heat our house did not translate into a warm, comfortable home. I routinely slept under four blankets during the winter, just to stay warm.

Many in Baltimore have similar homes; beautiful, old, historic. However, they were not built with modern heating and air-conditioning, or energy efficiency in mind. You can address these issues by getting a home energy retrofit performed on your home, a process that mostly involves sealing the air leaks in your home and improving insulation, although additional measures are sometimes recommended. Overall, a home energy retrofit would make your home healthier, more energy efficient, and most importantly during this cold winter, more comfortable.

Right now really is the time to do this type of work. Legislation in Maryland has lowered the price of an energy assessment to $100 and there are rebates of up to 50% off the cost of the retrofit. Retrofit Baltimore will be holding several community energy meetings in the next two weeks to help connect homeowners with information, as well as local contractors who are committed to creating local jobs for Baltimore. We will be holding a meeting next Monday (12/3) at 7:00pm at Roland Park Country School, a meeting on Saturday, December 8th at 12:00 noon at the Enoch Pratt Library Light Street Branch, and a meeting on Thursday, December 13th at 7:00pm at the Church of the Nativity, Cedarcroft in North Baltimore. Come and learn how to take action to make your home more comfortable just in time for winter!

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