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Outreach Overdrive!

         Tomorrow night is our special Energy Meeting at Second Presbyterian Church, during which we will be partnering with Baltimore Heritage to bring you information about how to take advantage of tax credits for renovations in historic districts, as well as the substantial cash rebates for weatherization work.

         We have been in outreach overdrive, canvassing and reaching out to three neighborhoods at once (Guilford, Tuscany-Canterbury, and Oakenshawe), and we could not have done it without the help of our all-star volunteers, Jae and Ben. Also, special thanks are due to one of our new community contacts, the Co-President of the Oakenshawe Improvement Association, Mark Counselman, for posting our flyer in the Oakenshawe digital newsletter.

         With the help of folks like these, as well as interested homeowners in the community, we can effect change in Baltimore that will lead to more energy efficient homes, and real career opportunities for the people in Baltimore who need them the most. Thanks to everyone who has helped us to continue our outreach efforts, and create a more equitable green economy for Baltimore!

          By popular demand, here is a video about cellulose insulation, the type used in a typical retrofit these days. Watch as a man puts a blowtorch to a cluster of cellulose in the palm of his hand! To actually see how cellulose stands up (literally) to other standard insulations, click here

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