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Oliver Community Day of Service

Yesterday, Retrofit Baltimore joined many other local non-profits, neighborhood volunteers and the Pat Tillman foundation to help revive Baltimore’s Oliver Community.  As the opening speaker mentioned, a heat advisory had cautioned against outdoor activity, but the 100 degree heat didn’t dissuade anyone from giving it their all.  For four hours, roughly 200 volunteers rid streets and sidewalks of trash, pulled weeds, laid mulch and helped complete a beautiful mural in the heart of the neighborhood.  It was clear that the community took notice too; we were thanked by many local residents and some even interrupted their days to lend us a helping hand.


By 6pm, we were able to look up and down streets that were clean and walk on green spaces that children would soon enjoy.  At the closing ceremony and group photo, a local helper remarked that Oliver had “good people” and deserved to have a “good, clean and safe neighborhood” too.  It felt great that we were able to further our mission of improving Baltimore communities.

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