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Abell Community Energy Meeting

A big thank you to everyone from the Abell community that came to the Home Energy Meeting at the Waverly Library last Monday! It was a pleasure to see how knowledgeable our neighbors were on topics of energy efficiency, and how easily we all shared information with one another. Many Abell homeowners have taken important steps towards reducing energy loss. This is a testament to the high level of global and local engagement in our community.

The meeting was also a reminder to everybody that energy efficiency upgrades are not only essential for the future of our environment, they also have a lasting impact on the health and comfort of our homes. One homeowner remarked that energy prices have risen so high he cannot afford his energy bills, even though he keeps the thermostat at a low 62 degrees! “My family does complain,” he quipped. The benefit of a whole home energy upgrade is that it’s an investment towards preventing energy loss that doesn’t require a daily sacrifice of comfort. Everyone, including myself, left the meeting better informed about energy upgrades, and several households are now looking into whole home energy assessments.

We would also like to send a shout out to our friends over at the Neighborhood Design Center. They were so kind as to make an announcement about our meeting at their DIY energy efficiency event on Saturday. Check out other meetings they’ll have, and the great work they do around the city, here.

We are looking forward to meeting more Abell homeowners at our next meeting!

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