Make your home more comfortable with an energy assessment and upgrade.

If your home is like the majority of homes in the Baltimore region, it was built over 70 years ago. And chances are even as you read this, your home is leaking energy (and money!). Heat escapes all winter. Cool air slips away all summer. Your money disappears all year long. Start saving! With Retrofit Baltimore, a non-profit program, you can take advantage of a discounted home assessment and a 50% off rebate toward the cost of your home energy upgrade. Don’t spend another season losing energy and money.

I decided to retrofit my home because our heating bills were outrageous and I was tired of wasting energy. Now I am enjoying a definite drop in my energy bills.

Karen Nelson, Mount Washington






Our Process

We offer a simple 5-step guide to ensure that you have a satisfying experience upgrading the energy efficiency of your home.

  1. Meet your personal energy advocate in person or on the phone

  2. Schedule your Home Energy Assessment with a Retrofit Baltimore-approved Building Analyst.

  3. Select the recommendations for your home improvement.

  4. Set aside two to four days for your work to be completed.

  5. Start enjoying the energy-saving, money-saving benefits of your retrofit.

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Incentives and Financing

The State of Maryland provides financial incentives that make an energy efficiency upgrade incredibly affordable. Homeowners can expect to make back the entire cost of the upgrade through utility bill savings in under four years (the payback period).

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