How It Works

Retrofit Baltimore provides a simple, 4-step process that enables homeowners to easily and efficiently Go Solar.

Step 1: Meet Your Personal Energy Advisor in Person or on the Phone

Your personal Energy Advisor is poised and ready to answer your questions and help guide you through every step of the process. Your Energy Advisor will provide you with trusted information and guidance, to help you decide if joining going solar is right for you. Your Energy Advisor is 100-percent dedicated to meeting your needs before, during and after your solar installation is completed.

Step 2: Get a Roof Review from a Vetted Contractor

Retrofit Baltimore has vetted and screened solar companies, selecting the best in the Baltimore region. These contractors have been selected for providing a competitive bulk purchasing discount, superior customer service, top-quality work, and strong equipment warranties.

If you’re interested in moving forward, we can connect you with an approved contractor for a preliminary screening of your roof. This is to see if you have any shading from trees or other structures, the size and shape of your roof, and its orientation towards or away from the path of the sun. The contractor will then let you know if your home is a good fit for solar.

Step 3: Get an Individualized Proposal

If your home is a good fit for solar, the contractor will schedule a home visit. During the visit, the contractor will provide an individualized proposal, reflecting the group discount.

Step 4: System Installed

Once you’ve signed your contract with the contractor, they will begin filing the permitting and interconnection paperwork with the government and the utility. After the paperwork is approved, the contractor can begin installing the panels on your roof. Installation typically only takes a few days!