Retrofit Baltimore is transforming the Baltimore community by lowering bills for homeowners, creating jobs, and improving energy efficiency.

Our History

Civic Works launched Retrofit Baltimore after realizing that while solar and energy efficiency upgrades hold the potential to provide incredible benefits for many homeowners, a lack of trusted information was preventing many people from taking advantage of the opportunity. Retrofit Baltimore fills this gap by providing homeowners with personalized assistance, step-by-step guidance, and access to vetted and screened contractors.

At the same time, solar and energy efficiency improvements generate positive change for our local and global communities. Rather than asking homeowners to navigate the installation process alone, Retrofit Baltimore brings people together so that as a community we can ensure that our investments create family-sustaining jobs for underserved Baltimoreans. Moreover, by making their homes more sustainable, community members are not only cutting their energy bills, but also lowering their carbon emissions and fighting climate change.

Our Mission

Retrofit Baltimore aims to transform the Baltimore community on three levels: the personal, the communal, and the global. 

The Personal

Retrofit Baltimore serves as a resource for Baltimore homeowners and guides them through each step of the solar and energy efficiency upgrade process. These improvements dramatically lower utility bills, while making homes healthier and more comfortable.

The Communal

By joining Retrofit Baltimore, homeowners are able to ensure that their investment creates family-sustaining jobs for underserved Baltimore residents. These workers receive a comprehensive three month certification-based training, family-sustaining wages, and opportunities for career advancement.

The Global

Home energy upgrades fight climate change by significantly reducing a family’s reliance on fossil fuels. By going solar and improving your energy efficiency, you can both cut your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

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