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My 119 year old house was freezing on the first floor

By Demetria Harvin
Frederick Homeowner and Retrofit Baltimore Participant

Retrofit Baltimore basically fell into my lap when they gave a presentation at my church. I had been considering energy retrofit work on my home but didn’t decide to move forward until I heard Retrofit Baltimore’s presentation. During the winter, my 119 year old house was freezing on the first floor but comfortable on the second floor. I decided to get the head-to-toe retrofit treatment and had all of the recommendations from the audit report implemented. I knew it would pay off in the long run and the 50% rebates really sealed the deal!

The contractor Retrofit Baltimore connected me with was very courteous, clean, and always on time. The financing for my project was very easy and they completed all the paperwork for me. Since the retrofit work was completed, I have felt a noticeable difference in my home. The temperature has been stabilized on both floors, the furnace doesn’t kick on as often, and the first energy bill I received after the retrofit was cheaper!

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