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Child of a Drafty Home

Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania, I learned to build roaring fires in the belly of my family’s cast iron wood stove to keep our home warm through the winter. The process of keeping our house comfortable began well before the leaves turned orange. By late July, my father and I had already started the process of splitting, stacking, and drying the wood that fed the fire all winter, working through 106 degree heat, and blistering sunburns. He scheduled chimney sweep appointments, and I gathered tinder and kindling. This mid-summer ritual was something I looked forward to every year, as it braced us for the change of seasons and taught me the importance of planning ahead.

This is how I see a retrofit, and this is why I now spend my summer months on foot in the sun walking through neighborhoods and farmers markets talking to community members about their homes. A retrofit is something to be done before the winter comes. When it is 40 degrees, you don’t want a blower door pulling the cold air into your house! You don’t want to find out the hard way where the cold is coming in and where the warm is escaping. You can’t begin chopping logs when the snow falls. So use your summer to prepare for your winter! Sign up for an energy assessment between trips to the beach and the pool. Learn more about the retrofit process from a direct outreach team member when we’re still slapping mosquitoes!

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