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Baltimore Green Week

Right now is quite possibly my favorite time of the year; when spring rain comes in waves and gives way to cool evenings, and when the sun peaks in the afternoon, we are gently reminded that true-blue summertime is very near. The trees on 33rd street in Waverly are robust and green. Families, students, dogs, and cyclists are out and about enjoying music, art, and food on The Avenue in Hampden, the Canton waterfront, and Station North. People are picnicking and playing Frisbee in Druid Hill Park. It’s a beautiful time of year to be in Baltimore; all the more reason to get involved in the continued improvement of our vibrant and eclectic city.

We here at Retrofit Baltimore had the pleasure of participating in a variety of events during Baltimore Green Week; a city-wide, week long, Earth Day celebration. We got to speak with potential volunteers at Towson University’s EnviroFest, students interested in dedicating a portion of their college experience to the fight against climate change. We heard inspiring speeches about environmental and urban justice at Coppin State University. We spoke with homeowners at EcoFest and Localize It! whose concerns about their homes’ energy usage extended beyond decreasing their utility bills; they were interested in doing their part to create a healthier and more just world for their family and neighbors.

It is not always that we get to have so many inspiring interactions within the span of a single week, but what we learned, as we have been continually learning, is that the people of this city are involved, alert, and always eager to learn more about what they can do to advance social justice and environmental change in their community.

Did you know that Maryland is ranked as the 5th greenest state in the entire country? That’s something we can all be proud of, and as Baltimoreans, residents of Maryland’s main cultural and urban center, should take pride in the progressive action that issues forth from our city.

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