Solar Installer Partners

Retrofit Baltimore is a Civic Works program for contractors that uses innovative community-based marketing to generate home performance and solar leads, and then increases conversion rates through its consumer energy advisor services. Contractors also benefit from Civic Works’ free worker training resources. The program provides these benefits to Maryland companies that intend to create a positive local impact through hiring from Baltimore communities.

Community-based Marketing

Leveraging the power of word-of-mouth, community-based marketing reaches people through the different communities within which they associate. Retrofit Baltimore builds relationships with community associations, workplaces, and other entities, and then empowers leaders to engage their members. As a trusted messenger, Retrofit Baltimore is able to build trust in the benefits of solar energy and the quality of the contractors that perform the work.

Increasing Conversion Rates

As a trusted third party messenger, Retrofit Baltimore is able to build trust in the contractor and the benefits of solar energy. Retrofit Baltimore qualifies homeowners for their level of interest and motivation and financial capacity. Retrofit Baltimore energy advisors support homeowners throughout the process, improving customer conversion.

Worker Training

The 3-month Solar Installation Training Program — offered through Civic Works’ Baltimore Center for Green Careers (BCGC) — graduates highly-qualified entry-level solar installation technicians with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to comprehensively meet the workforce needs of industry employers. Designed in collaboration with area installers, this training program aims to help solar companies lower turnover rates and realize higher levels of work quality from their new hires. The program includes customer service and professionalism, the OSHA Construction Safety certification, hands-on training in Civic Works’ solar laboratory space, and 320 hours of on-the-job training (OJT).

Retrofit Baltimore partner companies also have access to free incumbent worker training courses. Enrollment is ongoing for the next NABSEP Associate certification course. Additional trainings are TBD, based on industry feedback.

Learn more about becoming a partner

For more information please contact Amanda Belles at or 410-929-6146.

To apply for designation as an Approved Partner Installer, you may download the current Request for Proposals Overview and Application.  RFP Issued May 4, 2018.  Applications due May 23, 2018.  Selections expected June 1, 2018.

RFP Q&A Session

Any questions?  Join us in-person for the RFP Q&A Session:

Option 1: Monday, May 14th at 2pm

Option 2: Tuesday, May 15 at 5pm

Where: Baltimore Center for Green Careers, 6260 Frankford Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21206.

RSVP to Amanda Belles at